Calisthenics Foundation Program
Calisthenics Foundation Program är ett träningsprogram som gör dig starkare inom grunderna i träningsformen Calisthenics.

Calisthenics training that challenge you in a new way

Calisthenics Foundation Program is a training program with focus on exercises that challenge the body as one unit. Build strength, mobility and stamina thanks to effective Calisthenics training. 

Training to develop

Get challenged with Calisthenics exercises

Video Instructions

Videos to the exercises to perform them correct

Bodyweight Strength

Exercises in Calisthenics and bodyweight training

Avaliable online

Avaliable on all devices and in Web App
Calisthenics foundation program

This is Calisthenics Foundation Program

Workout Programs - Here we focus on strength, mobility and endurance using your own body as primary resistance. The program is both for you who already train Calisthenics as well as you who have been training at a gym for a year or so and want to try something new.

The plan  - You workout four days per week. The foundation program is split into three phases of four weeks with exercises that gradually get tougher. Every workout has a warm-up and a carefully planned training plan.

Why Calisthenics Training?

Calisthenics is a form of training with the purpose to get strong in relation to your own bodyweight. By utilizing your own body as resistance we build strength, body control, coordination and endurance, to name a few positive aspects. All this, as well as learning new moves that you never thought was possible! With our Calisthenics Foundation Program you will try new exercises that challenge you in many ways. We have carefully planned the sessions so that you only have to follow the plan.

What equipment do I need?


Parallettes or p-bars at optional height

Roman Rings

Rings that are adjustable


Pull-Up Bar

Something to hang onto with room above


Long resistance bands in various resistance.


Long resistance bands in various resistance.

Adjust to your level

Your level - To get the most out the program you should at least be able to do: 12 push ups, 8 dips, 5 pull ups and 30s handstand to wall. Do you wonder if the level will work for you? Get in touch with us.

Alternative exercises - Throughout the program you can usually regress the exercises to perform them at your level. Choose the level that fit your level.

How To Do a Handstand |

What's Included?

Calisthenics Foundation Program

399 SEK
  • 12 weeks program
  • Videoinstructions to all exercises
  • Instant access to program
  • Access online and Web App

Are you one of those people that scroll to the bottom?  Then I will quickly sum the Calisthenics Foundation Program up for you. This program has carefully selected exercises and routines that make it easier for you to train foundational Calisthenics exercises. Are you ready to build strength, endurance get improve your technique with Calisthenics, don't want, join today! 

For only 399 SEK you get access to a complete workout program online with warm-ups, carefullty planned sessions, video instructions as well as Web App.

Douglas Ekermark

Questions & answers

Both yes and no. You don't need any previous experience of Calisthenics to try this program out. We recommend that you have at least six months of training experience and should be able to perform about 12 push ups, 8 dips, 5 pull ups and 30s handstand to wall to get the most out of the program. You will try new exercises that you perhaps haven't tried before. If an exercise is too hard, you can usually regress it. 

Yes, you get instant access to your program online via the log in page. You get an e-mail with the information you entered during checkout and instructions how to log in. here. Så länge du har wifi, 3G eller 4G uppkoppling kan du nå programmet.

We recommend that you follow the programming and workout four times per week. You can combine the program with your current program or fully follow this program to build strength, endurance and mobility with Calisthenics training.

The program has a level to get the most out of it. You should be able to perform about 12 push ups, 8 dips, 5 pull ups and 30s handstand to wall. With many of the exercises there are ways to make them easier if need to.

To train with the program we recommend that you have a pull up bar, a dip bar, roman rings, parallettes (p-bars), a box and some free weights. If you don't have all the equipment that's okay, you just have to be creative.