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Are you interested in boosting your training, get stronger and learn Calisthenics? PT in Stockholm with me is tailor made to your needs and will help you get results, no matter your training background, level or age. You will get boosted with techniques, exercises, motivation and knowledge in bodyweight training and Calisthenics. I will help you reach your goals, faster.


As you know, we are in a difficult time due to Covid-19. We want to do everything we can to comply with the restrictions and at the same time continue to be able to encourage training. We know that exercise is good and necessary for health and therefore we must find ways forward

We are lucky to be able to offer PT in a studio and at times where we are close to alone. This means that we gladly accept PT bookings in the mornings and during the day if possible. We also offer PT Online and individualized training plans for home training.

We clean all equipment and wash our hands thoroughly and often. We ask you to change and shower at home. And stay home if you have mild symptoms.

Now we help each other together. Strength hugs to you all / Team Trainics

Three reasons to train with a personal trainer at Trainics

With personal training you will develop maximally and commit to investing time and effort in yourself and your health. It's much cheaper to invest in yourself now, then later. During the PT-sessions you get a better understanding for your training as you develop and reach your goals. Douglas won't just motivate you during your PT-sessions, but he will make sure that you get a lot more with you from each workout, which makes you develop for real. 

PT in Stockholm

Why Calisthenics and Bodyweight training?

Trainics philosophy is based on Calisthenics, which naturally challenges your body and mind to work as one unit. With Calisthenics you will gain better control of your body, develop real-life functional strength and unlock moves you never thought was possible.

Your stamina will develop off the charts with Calisthenics. When you train with bodyweight training you challenge and train multiple muscle groups simultaneously which leads to a well balanced and strong body. Bodyweight training also builds strong and durable ligaments in relation to your muscle mass. 

During the PT sessions you will try new exercises, routines and methods that challenge your body and mind. We focus a lot on both prehab and mobility to strengthen your entire body and prevent injuries, while developing awesome skills.

Training with a personal trainer

Personal training both for 1:1 and duo


We have a first meeting online or in Stockholm where we get to know each other and talk about your goals, history, abilities and establish a plan.

Strength Evaluation

During the first workout we evaluate your level. The results from this session lay the foundation for our upcoming workouts sessions.


One PT session is 55 min and we meet at our partner studio Extremfabriken at Kungsholmen. One PT session includes warm up, workout, tips and cool down.


After a period we repeat the strength evaluation to track your progress and adapt our future training sessions based on your new level and goals. 

PT ad on


Add PT Online and tailor-made training program and online coaching between the PT sessions. Read more about PT Online

Clients & Testimonials

What will be your success story?

PT in Stockholm Review
PT in Stockholm ReviewPersonal Training
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"I do practice a lot on my own and have quite a good shape, but when a professional like Douglas works with you to fix tiny nuances and details that you have no idea about, it improves your technique and therefore boosts your progress immediately, so your goal is approaching faster than ever."
Frank Iller
Frank IllerSix Group
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"When I started out with training I was in the gym but thanks to Douglas I am now able to focus on doing more bodyweight training and I have made great progress so far with my push-ups, pull-ups, overall explosiveness and handstand. Im over 50 years old and feel younger than ever!"
Victor Chamorro Karlsson
Victor Chamorro KarlssonCEO Båtvårdsspecialisten AB
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"I always wanted to master muscle up since i was a teenager but never managed to learn it. Then I saw Douglas at facebook with all his skills and he premoted his "how to do muscleup in 30 days" challenge. Then he helped me learn it! Now I can do muscle-ups!"
Klara Fuchs
Klara FuchsBlogger
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"Douglas really is super professional, motivating, friendly and best of all, he's really fun to work with. I learned new things that I didn't think I could, got lots of motivation and got really inspired through his dedication and hard working talent. Thank you for the training!"
Stelios Kostakis
Stelios KostakisWhite Architect
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"Douglas is a skilled coach (PT) who has the ability to build a training program focused on your own goals as well as to adjust it depending on your progress. We've been training for about a year now, i'm super happy with it!"
Mauricio Cardenas
Mauricio CardenasFreelance Architect
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"The program Douglas created for me was 100% tailor-made to meet my level and during our training he gave me interesting tips and ideas. I enjoyed that heh gave me very clear explanations to the training. He is total dedication to the training he provides. He pushed me and helped me tons!
Fredrik Ekermark
Fredrik EkermarkProCyclingMallorca
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"Douglas help me improve my cycling performance. I got a training program and Douglas helped me with serious coaching and inspiration to reach my goals. I recommend personal training with Douglas because he is committed, fun and has a lot of knowledge."
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"No more sitting idle wishing you'd accomplish things you thought were out of reach. Douglas is extremely compassionate, genuine when giving feedback & encouragement, passionate about every task he undertakes and extremely talented. I was fearful of some things on my own, but with his assistance and encouraging, calm, positive energi I was able to work harder than I thought I could!"
Nöjd Kund
Nöjd KundPersonal Training
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"Douglas is a knowledgeble, driving and listening Personal trainer. I've only done a few sessions yet but it's given alot!"

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