Train Calisthenics with PT online: Tailor-made for you
For you who want to go further in your training

Go further in your training with PT Online

PT Online is perfect if you want to take your training to the next level with Calisthenics, no matter where you are. Train at a gym, outdoors or from home with a clear structure, coaching and training program uniquely designed based on your needs and goals.

Unique Programs

Tailor-made programs for you

Instructional videos

Videos to the exercises to perform them correct

Chat with us

On-going caching via WhatsApp

Tests and updates

Tests and updates to your training program

Program, technique and coaching online

Get stronger, flexible and learn new moves that revitalizes your training, no matter your location. We carefully create training programs tailor-made for you with Calisthenics exercises. PT Online helps you structure your training and develop in both technique, knowledge and get motivation. Perfect no matter if you're a beginner, training on a regular basis or is an athlete.

How can we help you?

Get further with proven strategies and training plans

Are you beginner? (Trained 0-2 years)

We help you get started and get a clear structure in your training, with effective and safe methods. We've done the mistakes and know what's needed to succeed. You follow the plan, we handle the rest.

Are you intermediate?
(Trained 2-5 years)

If you've been training Calisthenics regularly for a time but don't see results, then PT Online will give you a boost. Learn new techniques, Calisthenics exercises and strategies to get further.

Are you advanced?
(Trained +5 years)

You've been training Calisthenics for a long time and aim high but realize you need expert help to go further. We guide you through new movements, analyze and teach you new techniques.

How does PT Online work?

Step 1 - Choose Plan

Choose a plan that fit you. What do you need help with? We offer PT Online Base, which mainly helps with training program and PT Online, if you want to get max out of your PT with coaching and feedback online. You choose what's most important for you. You can always upgrade to Pro. Read more here.  Plans are minimum one training period of three months at a time. 

Step 2 - Consultation

What happens after your purchase? For PT Online Pro we book an initial consultation. For PT Online Base we will send you a questionnaire to answer about your goals, training history, how often you want to train etc. No matter your plan you will be asked to perform a set of exercises to record and send to us. These lay the foundation for your training program. The program is done within 5 work days from when we get the test.

Step 3 - Train and Get Coaching

Train after the program, with at least 2-3 workouts per week. The program will be avaliable in a PDF file with instructional videos attached. For PT Online Pro get personal and regular contact with your trainer who know your individual needs, goals and progress. Together we look at your videos, analyze your technique, provide feedback and tips as well as new challenges to work on.

Step 4 - Follow-Ups

After a training period (three months) we repeat the initial tests to match your next workout program with your progress. For every new workout program you get new exercises which makes the training fun and exciting. Step tree and four is repeated for as long as you choose to continue with PT Online Base or Pro.

Choose Your Plan

PT Online Base

1000 SEK /month
Subscriptions for at least 3 months.

PT Online Pro

1500 SEK /month
Subscriptions for at least 3 months.

Simon Falla
Simon Falla
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"If you are interested in advancing your calisthenics training or obtaining a specific calisthenics goal, then I thoroughly recommend Douglas as a coach. I approached Douglas to help me reach a long term personal goal, being a a strict wall handstand push up, in addition to building up some general strength. Through some preliminary dialogue and testing, Douglas was able to pin point my areas of strength, but more importantly my areas of weakness, that were holding me back from achieving my goal. Douglas designed a programme that focused on fixing my weak points, whilst building strength with a focus to reach my goal. Fast forward 6 months of following Douglas's programming, which Douglas varied as I reached certain targets, and I reached my calisthenics goal of a strict wall handstand pushup. Douglas genuinely cares about his clients, checking in every week, sending you tips and insights on how to improve your form. He is quick to respond to any questions, that you may have and always has encouraging words to say. Thank you Douglas for helping me reach my goal!"

Why Calisthenics and Bodyweight training?

We base our training philosophy on Calisthenics and bodyweight training which challenges the body to work as one unit. The training challenges and develop you. You get kicks from learning new moves while building real, functional strength and strengthen both joints and ligaments. 

Bodyweight training challenges and works multiple muscle groups. This leads to a balanced and strong body and strong and durable joints in relation to muscle mass. 

Trainics Rings

Have fun developing awesome skills

The training challenges and boosts your training.

Trainics Push Up

Progressive exercises for all levels

Calisthenics training is progressive, for your level.

Trainics Pull-Up

Functional and balanced strength

Improved body control and strength with Calisthenics.

Trainics Sprint

Build bullet-proof joints & ligaments

Bodyweight training build your muscles & joints.

What do our athletes say?

Frank Iller
Frank Iller
Six Group
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"When I started out with training I was in the gym but thanks to Douglas I am now able to focus on doing more bodyweight training and I have made great progress so far with my push-ups, pull-ups, overall explosiveness and handstand. Im over 50 years old and feel younger than ever!"
Sebastian Johansson
Sebastian Johansson
Pro Handball Player
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"I've learned how to properly warm-up before my training to active the bigger and smaller muscles I never got warm before, my core has become much stronger and I feel that my lower back is stronger than ever! I think Douglas is a great personal trainer and coach and gave me lots of help!"
Stelios Kostakis
Stelios Kostakis
White Architect
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"Douglas is a skilled coach who has the ability to build a training program focused on your own goals as well as to adjust it depending on your progress. We've been training for about a year now, i'm super happy with it!"
Mauricio Cardenas
Mauricio Cardenas
Freelance Architect
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"The program Douglas created for me was 100% tailor-made to meet my level and during our training he gave me interesting tips and ideas. I enjoyed that heh gave me very clear explanations to the training. He is total dedication to the training he provides. He pushed me and helped me tons!
Dudley Wacha Okot
Dudley Wacha Okot
Office Worker
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"The programs that Douglas set up for me were perfect for my needs in the sense of strengthening my techniques for the front lever which I'll focus more on these next months and an overall strength. So would I recommend Douglas? Most definitely.​"
Dharshak Sathavahana
Dharshak Sathavahana
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"Douglas makes sure you are doing well and constantly checks on your performance . Be it an injury or additional advice, he is always providing information and guidance. To anyone who wants to start on calisthenics, Douglas is the best coach out there.​"


Douglas Ekermark

For me training is about mastering your own bodyweight in both simple and advanced movements. To dare push limits and challenge what you think is possible. Calisthenics has helped me get both stronger physically and as a person.

Together we set goals that you want to reach and the plan to get there. No matter if you want to learn to do muscle-ups, develop your technique in Calisthenics or prepare for competition. We train your strength, mobility, endurance and what is needed to reach your goals.


Sabina Zwedberg

My philosophy is all about training with exercises that involve the whole body. Training should be fun, challenging and developing. The feeling to learn something new is unbeatable. Dare to try, challenge yourself and give it time and lots will happen.

Do you want to start train Calisthenics, do your first chin-up or train your base strength? Together we find a plan to take the steps to achieve your goal. With me you will perform Calisthenics exercises that improve your strength, balance, mobility and develop your awareness in your training.

Start with PT Online

Choose the plan that fit you

Minimum limit to start is one training period of three months. One months notice. PT Online is approved in the Swedish wellness grant. See terms and conditions.

Frågor & svar

PT Online is a subscription service that goes on for as long as the client wishes. Minimum limit is one training period (3 months) that is debited automatically per month. 

PT Online is a subscription based service which is auto debited on a monthly basis. The price per month varies between PT Online Base and Pro. The service has one months notice after the first training period of three months. 

Yes, PT Online counts as wellness grant when performed primarily on a gym. The price is inclusive of 6% VAT and is deductable. You get a recipe from your purchase that you can provide to your employer. We're also connected to Actiway and ePassi for wellness grant.

You don't necessarily need previous experiences, the training is entirely adapted to your experience and will be on a level that works for you. Bodyweight training is perfect for both experienced people and beginners as we can adapt the exercises to the level you're at, and feel comfortable with. I will make sure of that.

Our PT Online service is unique as its based on Calisthenics/bodyweight training. That means the training is based on exercises where you use your own body as counter-weight. For example pull-ups, dips, push-ups and rows. Weights can be used in specific exercises and warm-ups as well as stretching. However the main focus is bodyweight training with a few tools. 

We recommend that you have access to tools like a pull-up bar, somewhere to perform dips, a resistance band (preferable with various strengths), jump rope, yoga mat and a wall to for example do handstands against. In the consultation we will go through what tools you have access to and adapt the program according to that.

A gym membership is not required to start. It's recommended to have tools such as a pull-up bar, a wall, a resistance band, an open space to train on and a few weights. If you don't have one or two tools at some time we can always find alternative exercises. Please note that if the service primarily is performed at another location than a gym, then you're not eligible for the wellness grant, if your based in Sweden.

We create your workout program and send you the program in an PDF document via e-mail. In this program you'll find instructions about our plan, the warm-ups, prehab and stretching as well as instructional videos to the exercises you will perform in the program. I also upload a copy of the program to a shared Google Drive folder for you to bring the program with you. 

For PT Online Pro we primarily use WhatsApp to send videos, pictures and have regular communication. For PT Online Base we provide support via e-mail. 

We create the training program based on your ability to workout and goals. We recommend performing at least three workouts per week to get results. 

If you've recently got an injury we recommend that you see a medical professional and get an official OK before starting the service. 

In order for us to create the best workout program possible, give feedback and help you in your training it's important that you record yourself. You can simply record yourself with your phone. The will only be used to analyze your progress. No videos will be shared without the clients consent.