Here is 12 challenging push up variations!

Push ups are a really good fundamental bodyweight exercise that we work a lot with in Calisthenics. Do you feel that you have already mastered regular push ups? Then there are a number of different variations of push ups that you can challenge yourself with. See below!

Why should you vary your push-ups? For us, the simple answer is to learn more movements. By training in more variations of push ups, you become both stronger and increase your body control in different push movements. Why only do regular push ups when you can move on and challenge your strength with more advanced movements? 

Depending on what variant you do, how many reps and sets, you can develop strength, power or muscular endurance. If you do many reps of a simpler variant (based on your level), you will develop endurance. If you instead choose a more challenging variant of push-ups, you will develop strength. You can also develop power by doing explosive push ups. Find the variant that challenges you and start training to master it.

Focus on quality before quantity. There is no need to rep out as many push ups as possible in a short time if the form fails. The right form and technique are more important. Do rather push ups controlled with full range of motion, no matter what variation you choose to do. You will thank yourself later.

Make sure you have spent time training the basics before moving on to the variations that require more strength, coordination and balance.

12 push up variations if you already can do regular push ups

1. Pause push Ups

Pause Push Ups are a perfect progression to regular push ups. The pause at the bottom increases the time under tension in the muscles and in that is why the exercise becomes heavier. 

2. Decline Push Ups

Elevate your feet on a box to increase the difficulty. This will force you to push a greater percentage of your body weight. Decline Push Ups works the upper chest muscles and front shoulders slightly more than regular push ups.

3. Spiderman Push Ups

Are you used to regular push ups, this variation is easy to learn. It works the same muscle groups as a normal push-up, but challenges the abdominal muscles, coordination and your body control even more. 

4. Diamond push ups

Advance your push up by changing the hand position to a diamond / triangle shape. This allows you to train the triceps more than in regular push ups. Tänk på att böja armbågarna bakåt, nära kroppen. 

5. Triceps Push Ups

Here we have a great triceps exercise. It is very good if you need to strengthen your triceps to be able to do e.g. muscle ups or handstand push ups easier.  

6. Tiger Bend Push Up

When you can do triceps push ups, you can challenge yourself with Tiger Bend Push Ups. It is a fun exercise with focus on the triceps that makes you more ready for the transition in e.g. muscle ups. 

7. Pike Push Ups

Do you have the goal of learn handstand push ups? Then this is for you. Keep your arms back, lean forward and place the weight on your hands. Elevate your legs to a height for more difficult progression.

8. Rock Push Ups

Do a regular push up, but lean forward at the bottom as far as you can. You will notice that it gets heavier right away. If it is still too easy, try lifting your feet off the ground as you lean forward.

9. Archer Push Ups

Archer Push Ups make it possible to transfer a larger part of the weight on one arm while you can assist the movement with the other arm. This makes the exercise much heavier than regular push ups and is a step toward one arm push ups.

10. Typewriter Push Up

If you manage to do Archer Push Ups, you can start training at Typewriter Push Ups. The difference is that you do not go up between each repetition. It requires a lot of strength, especially in the chest muscles and great body control. Do it slowly and with control.  

11. Planche Lean Push Ups

Planche Lean Push Ups is one of the more advanced variants. Lean forward in a planche lean position, then do a push up and keep leaning throughout the movement. The more you can lean forward, the heavier it becomes. More focus on shoulders and triceps.

12. Explosive Push Ups

Practice your explosiveness in push movements with Explosive Push Ups. It takes a lot of body control and explosive strength to be able to push off and land in a controlled manner. Make sure to do the movement with full range of motion.

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