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PT DUO - Personal training for two

PT DUO är för dig och en vän/partner som vill träna tillsammans med en licenserad PT.  Dela träningsresan med någon som brinner för träning lika mycket som du eller någon som har liknande träningsmål. Här har ni möjlighet att bli starkare och lära er nya övningar med peppen från både din vän/partner och en professionell tränare.  

During the PT DUO sessions, we have full focus on you. We help you find the right technique in different exercises and practice your goals and what you need. You will become more aware of your training and receive tips and advice directly on site from one of our personal trainers. In addition, we can clearly see what exactly you need to train on to develop and reach your training goals.

What some of our clients say

Rosana Merino
PT Klient
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Since I started training with Douglas, I have felt a huge development in my training. Douglas has the ability to demonstrate and explain exercises in an educational way and to see and correct details while performing a challenging workout to build technique and strength. It has led to faster progress and higher motivation in all my training and I am closer to my goals than I have ever been before!
Emmy Vartainen
PT Klient
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I can highly recommend Trainics if you want help reaching your goals when it comes to training. Since I started training with Sabina, I have really felt such incredible development. She is a fantastic coach and extremely professional. She adapts the training based on your conditions and goals and goes all in to make you feel motivated. She always inspires and spreads positive energy. Would never have come this far if it were not for her.
Nina Larsson
PT Klient
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Douglas is a great coach and listens to what I as a customer ask for. He is always happy, positive and peppery. After driving with various PTs over the years, he is the one who made me not give up and also gave me tools to be able to train myself, which has been my great weakness. He does not bother about it, he is incredibly knowledgeable and makes training fun I can only warmly recommend Douglas!
Tomas Melander
PT Klient
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I was looking for a competent person who could help me supplement my existing training and learn to find muscles I suspected I had but failed to activate. After three months, I'm sure I found the right one. The progression in the exercises Douglas gives is cruel and I get exercise pain in the strangest places.If you want to learn or get better at various bodyweight exercises and get stronger, this is a really good way. No quick-fix, hard work but really recommended! "
Pontus Hoback
PT Klient
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I have been training in gyms for years, but after a PT session with Douglas I was hooked with calisthenics. Professional, driven and a lot of knowledge. I ve been training for 5 month with Douglas now and the results are amazing. My goal was to achieve mobility, more body control and to learn new skills.
Frank Iller
PT Klient
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When I started out with training I was in the gym but thanks to Trainics I am now able to focus on doing more bodyweight training and I have made great progress so far with my push-ups, pull-ups, overall explosiveness and handstand. Im over 50 years old and feel younger than ever!
Sebastian Johansson
PT Klient
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I've learned how to properly warm-up before my training to active the bigger and smaller muscles I never got warm before, my core has become much stronger and I feel that my lower back is stronger than ever! I think Trainics are great personal trainers and coachs and gave me lots of help!

Why Calisthenics training?

Vi baserar vår träningsfilosofi på Calisthenics, vilket utmanar kroppen att jobba som en enhet. Träningen både utmanar och utvecklar dig. Med Calisthenics får du bättre kontroll över din kropp, utvecklar verklig funktionell styrka och lär dig samtidigt övningar du kanske inte trodde att du skulle klara av.

Vi lägger stor vikt vid säker träning med god form och teknik som gör att du blir stark inifrån. Vi fokuserar på progressioner för specifika Calisthenics skills men även basövningar, viktade Calisthenics övningar, mobilitet- och rörlighetsövningar. 

Trainics PT online coachning
Trainics Trainers Douglas & Sabina

We are team Trainics

For us training is about mastering your own bodyweight in both simple and advanced movements. To dare push limits and challenge what you think is possible. Calisthenics has helped us get both stronger physically and as a people.

Together we set goals that you want to reach and the plan to get there. No matter if you want to learn to do muscle-ups, develop your technique in Calisthenics or prepare for competition. We train your strength, mobility, endurance and what is needed to reach your goals.

– Sabina Zwedberg & Douglas Ekermark

PT Duo Plans

Aktuella priser från 01 aug 2021

PT 1 Session

Pay As You Go
1700:- /Session
  • 1 PT DUO Pass
  • 55 min sessions
  • Flexibel bookings

PT 10 Sessions

Can split payments
1500 :-/session
  • 10 PT DUO pass
  • 55 min sessions
  • Flexibel bookings

PT 20 Sessions

Can split payments
1300 :-/session
  • 20 PT DUO pass
  • 55 min sessions
  • Flexibel bookings

PT 30 Sessions

Can split payments
1200 :-/session
  • 30 PT DUO pass
  • 55 min sessions
  • Flexibel bookings

All prices are inclusive of 6% VAT.

Get started with PT Duo

Skicka in din förfrågan om PT DUO. Anmälan är ej bindande. Vi kommer höra av oss till dig inom kort. Se till att din mail stämmer. 

Our PT Packages are approved for wellness via ePassi and Actiway.

Questions & answers

We train our clients at Extremfabriken City, which is located at Drottningholmsvägen 15, Kungsholmen in Stockholm.

It is of course possible to train together even if you have different training experience or are at different levels. We adapt the exercises to your individual level so that you both feel that you get the most out of the PT DUO opportunities. 

It is up to you how often you want to train PT DUO. We recommend everyone to train at least twice a week to develop. We have clients who we train once a week and several who train with us two to three times a week. 

Gym entrance is included in the price. You do not have to be a member or pay for gym admission. 

Fill in the form above and we will contact you shortly and book a time that suits you. Consultation is completely free and takes place either at the studio or online.

No, you do not need any previous experience with Calisthenics. You just need the will to learn.  

Yes, both PT, PT DUO and PT online are approved as wellness and you can thus use your wellness grant. If your employer has ePassi or Actiway, we are also there.

Yes, it is possible to pay in installments for our PT packages 10, 20 and 30 passes. If you want to pay in installments, we will find an arrangement that works for you.