För dig som vill träna kroppsviktsträning. Studio i Hagastaden, Stockholm.

Prova Calisthenics - träningsformen som gör dig stark och rörlig!

Klasser inom Handstående, Muscle Ups, Flexiblity, Legs, Pull Ups & Helkropp. Få tips från några av Sveriges bästa Calisthenics tränare, redan på första klassen.


Ola Eriksson



"Training Calisthenics at Trainics is so much better than going to the gym..i find strength training fun for the first time"

Are you also training hard without results?

Are you tried of just lifting weights at the gym and want to train in a new way that make you reach goals and long for each workout?

Do you feel stuck in your development in exercises such as chin ups, muscle ups, dips, levers, or handstands and want to take the next step to master them?

Have you spent hours on Youtube/Instagram trying programs that don't work and want to become the strongest and most mobiel you 2023?

Do you train Calisthenics in boring, ordinary gyms with too low ceiling height and miss the tools you need?

- If you recognize any of the above, then we think you've found the right place. Read on!


Här finnas allt du behöver för att bli otroligt stark och rörlig

Proven methods that help you cope with new movements

Train at your level based on our proven methodology that makes you develop and learn new movements in Calisthenics.

Take part in classes, open training, events and workshops

Book classes mornings, lunches, evenings and weekends as well as open training. Participate in fun member events and educational workshops.

Become part of a unique and personal community

Träna med andra personer som tränar Calisthenics i Stockholm. Oavsett nivå stöttar och hjälper vi dig.

Get guiding from knowledgeable and experienced trainers

Get personal tips and feedback from our experienced trainers in Calisthenics and bodyweight training. 


Don't just take our word for it. We are proud to share our members' actual experiences and how satisfied they are.

Renis Mockus



"I look forward to every training session with Trainics!"

I have tried many different forms of exercise but none of them were as fun and effective as calisthenics. Thanks to Trainics, I became both stronger and healthier, got rid of my old shoulder injury and recurring neck lock problems.

If you want to get good at handstands, push-ups and all other fun exercises that require a lot of body strength, then this is where you should go 💪💪💪 I look forward to every workout with Trainics 🙌

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Ola Eriksson



"... I find strength training fun for the first time"

Training calisthenics at Trainics is so much better than going to the gym. I started with handstands and that's how I found Trainics. Douglas, Sabina and Sid are professionals and help you progress in your training in a calm and fun way. It doesn't matter what level you are at, they adapt the exercises so that everyone can participate regardless of level. Have improved my handstand and for the first time think it's fun to train strength.

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Diana Yamalova



”I just cannot describe how happy I am and gratefull for my new unlocked skills…”

It’s been almost 2 years since I joined my first group class with Douglas. I just cannot describe how happy I am and gratefull for my
new unlocked skills and many more on its way, which once seemed something beyond reach.

Douglas is a very pedagogically talented coach: his classes are well structured, he focuses on individual performance and equally warmly welcomes newbies and oldies. Don’t wait and try a workout with Trainics!

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Karin Sunnanbo



"I feel stronger already"

Have now trained at Trainics for just over a month and then mainly at their foundation session, which is a really good circuit training with body weight exercises. I already feel stronger 💪 A big plus for new, fresh premises and a nice group to train with!

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Lei Ye



"This form of training has not only completely recovered me, but also made me stronger than ever"

During my 15 years of active training, my shoulder dislocated 4 years ago when I was doing crossfit. Calisthenics became my rehabilitation. This form of training has not only completely recovered me, but also made me stronger than ever.

Douglas at Trainics is one of the best trainers I have met. He is educational, helpful and pushes you to the limit. 💪

Can recommend everyone, whether beginners or veterans to come and train Calisthenics at Trainics. 

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sara ersson

Sara Ersson



”It feels like coming home, rather than entering a general busy gym”

The classes here are amazing! I look forward to every single one of them! Douglas is a great instructor and adapts everything to you and your level, pushing you to your limit in a way I would not be able to do on my own. It feels like coming home, rather than entering a general busy gym, which I value a lot. I’ve learned so much these past months training calisthenics, with a pole and bouldering background, and feel stronger than ever. I can’t wait for the new classes in September

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Read "Training Guide" för att veta hur du kan ta klasserna som medlem.

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Questions And Answers

Where is the studio located?

The studio is located at Torsplan/Hagastaden in Stockholm. Address: Solnavägen 3H, 113 63 Stockholm. The nearest subway is St Eriksplan and Bus: Karolinska Sjukhuset Eugeniavägen e.g. Bus 3,6, 77.

Is there parking nearby?

Yes, on the Solna side there is parking in the Karolinska area, on the Campus and in the car park. We are located right by the customs, if you go from E4/E20 no customs fee is required.

Can anyone train with you?

Absolutely! You do not need to have experience with Calisthenics training. Here we adapt the exercises to your individual level so that you get as much as possible out of each training session.

What kind of classes do you have?

We have classes such as handstands, muscle ups, foundation (basic strength), mobility, Lower Body, Static Strength and Calisthenics Strength. All classes can be adapted to your level.

Vilken klass ska jag boka som nybörjare?

På alla våra klasser anpassar vi rörelserna utifrån din nivå. Prova att boka in dig på det du tycker ser kul ut! Generellt passar Calisthenics Foundation, Calisthenics Strength, Legs & Core, Flexilbity & Strength och Handstand Strength bra.

Can I get changed at the studio?

Yes. We have two shower rooms that are used for changing. However, we recommend that you come with a change if possible.

Do you have showers?

Yes, we have two showers that can be used after your workout. These showers are also used as booths to change before class.


Choose between busses: 3, 6, 58, 77, 507, 598, 697


Gröna linjen till S:t Eriksplan/Odenplan. 8-10 min promenad.


Take Pendeltåg to Odenplan, 8-10 min walk.


The highway (E4) goes directly under the house. Park at Torsplan or Solna.


Cycle from Vasastan or St:Eriksplan in 3-5 min.

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