our community is all about EXPLORING YOUR STRENGTH through sustainable bodyweight training

"There is something special...

about the Calisthenics community that we want to share. It attracts people who really are focused on true self improvement and mastery of their own strength and body control. It’s not about crazy athletic feats, it’s about exploring one’s own potential and having fun while doing it!”

– Sabina and Douglas, Owners 

our foundation

We believe the body is a tool that has the power to perform incredible movements and that seek to explore through Calisthenics training. This what we believe.


We build insanely strong humans that are capable of excelling in life and in many complex movements.


Here what you can do with the body is superior to how it looks. We you to feel to feel light, strong and capable.


We enjoy the journey, not just the goal. By forever being a student we are always open to learn.


We believe everyone needs a community of like-minded people to get a sense of belonging. You belong here.


We believe training is an exploration of movements, flexiblity and strength. We seek freedom of movement.

our promise to our members

team trainics

Our team of competent trainers are growing quickly, as of today we have
+15 years of combined Calisthenics training and counting.

Douglas PT Stockholm Calisthenics

Douglas Ekermark

Co-Founder, Trainics AB

Sabina Zwedberg

Sabina Zwedberg

Co-Founder, Trainics AB


We are educated and licensed personal trainers with both Almega Friskvårdsföretagen samt European Active (EHFA Level 4).