What is calisthenics?


Calisthenics is a form of bodyweight training with a focus primarily on strength and body control. What makes Calisthenics a unique form of training is that we train primarily with the body and gravity as a counterweight and load to develop strength and cope with various exercises. Instead of training individual muscles, you train the body as a unit with minimal equipment and improve your strength, mobility, mobility, balance and coordination.

Think of exercises like push ups, pull ups, dips, handstands, squats, lunges and muscle-ups, it's all Calisthenics. Perhaps you also know other more advanced exercises such as human flag, front lever, back lever and planche? The charm of Calisthenics is that there are a variety of exercises and progressions to learn, from the most advanced movements to simpler movements. In this way, it is a form of training that you can perform regardless of what experience you have. 

Anyone who practices Calisthenics (and progressive bodyweight training) regularly can count on not only getting stronger, but also improving their mobility, mobility and body control.

Calisthenics kan man säga är konsten att använda sin kroppsvikt för att utveckla styrka och lära sig nya rörelser


Calisthenics means "beautiful strength". The word comes from the ancient Greek words "kalós" which means beautiful and "sthénos" which means strength. These words put a little finger on what Calisthenics is. A lot of it is about performing exercises with body control, quality and strength.


Practicing Calisthenics has many benefits that will benefit you both now and in the long term. Not least, you train the whole body as a unit, it promotes a good balance between mobility, stability and strength and contributes to better body control. Bodyweight training challenges you to strengthen your body in different planes of motion and develop strength in full range of motion. It contributes to strong joints and functional strength that you not only benefit from in Calisthenics but also in your everyday life.

A big reason to do Calisthenics is because it's fun! It's a great feeling when you learn something new, like standing on your hands, doing your first chin up or mastering a front liver. Or when you develop and become more mobile, get better wrist strength or control over the shoulder blades. We love to learn, and in Calisthenics there are always new moves and skills to improve and learn.

vad är calisthenics
Trainics Pull-Up

Functional strength

Calisthenics train the whole body as one unit

Trainics Push Up

Progressive exercises

The exercises are progressive

Trainics Rings

Have fun and learn new moves

The training challenge you to learn new moves

Trainics Sprint

Increased body control

Get in control of your body


I grunden utgår vi från kroppen som det främsta redskapet, istället för att fokusera på vad vi kan göra med en vikt eller ett föremål. Ibland använder vi vikter som ett komplement för att lära och avancera i olika kroppsviktsövningar. När man bemästrat vissa rörelser kan man även addera vikt för att öka motståndet och utveckla ytterligare styrka i den rörelsen. Det kallas då Weighted Calisthenics och är även något man kan tävla i. Exempelvis kan man addera vikt i dips, pull ups, muscle ups, squats och pistol squats.


We are sometimes asked if you can train legs in Calisthenics. For us, the answer is obvious. There are many leg movements to master in Calisthenics.

You can practice and learn how to do pistol squats, dragon squats, nordic hamstring curls and cossack squats to name a few. Of course, you can also add weight to the movements or train on weighted squats and deadlifts, which can also be seen as weighted Calisthenics.

We believe that it is important to train in a balanced way in order to think long-term, and to develop a balanced body, it is just as important to train the legs as the rest of the body. In order to be able to move freely in various Calisthenics exercises, you will need to train strength and mobility in the lower body as well. However, not everyone focuses as much on training the legs in Calisthenics, but is drawn more to learn other exercises.

If you are looking to get stronger, build muscles and increase your mobility in your legs, you can go a long way with bodyweight exercises such as squats, lunges, Nordic hamstring curls, pistol squats and various jumps. But just like we add weight in pull ups, we add weight in squats.

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Calisthenics can be done with minimal equipment almost anywhere and there are tons of inspiration on YouTube. That way, you can start today. 

Vill du träna tillsammans med andra och lära och inspireras av andra rekommenderar vi dig att antingen ta hjälp av en av våra specialiserade och erfaren tränare eller boka in dig på våra klasser. 

Låter det spännande med Calisthenics är du mer än välkommen till Trainics – Calisthenics Studio i Stockholm!

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