Home workout without equipment - 9 advanced bodyweight exercises

Workout at home without equipment with these 9 bodyweight exercises. Are you looking for really good exercises that you easily can do at home? Then you're in the right place! 

Working out at home without equipment works just as good as training at the gym. You can still get a good workout in that builds muscles and makes you strong. Together these exercises create a challenging workout routine that you can adapt to your level. All you need is a towel, a wall and your own body weight. Let's get into it!

1. Panda Push-Up

 Muscle group: Triceps, Deltoids and Core. 
Important: Place your feet pretty wide and take about three steps forward with your hands. When bending the arms you should lean forward infront of your hands. Your elbows should point backwards throughout the movement and simulate the motion of a handstand push up. When performing the move, imagine you create a triangle shape between your hands and head to activate the right muscles. 

2. Scapula Push-Ups

Muscle group:Scapula and Deltoids.
Important: Keep your arms straight throughout the exercise. Sink deep down into the upper back and push back up as high as possible. It's a fairly short move, focus is to strengthen the smaller muscles that connects to the shoulder and scapula bone.

3. Handstand (Against wall) 

Muscle group: Deloids, Pecs, Triceps and Core.
Important: In the handstand it's important to spread out your fingers and press the palms against the floor. You want to align the hands, shoulders, hip and feet on top of each other to create as straight off a line as possible to find balance. The more out of alignment you are, the tougher the handstand gets. A tip is to start against the wall before moving onto standing free. 

4. Laying Bridge

Muscle group:Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Glueteus Maximus.
Important: Keep your knees together and lift the hip away from the floor. At the top position, think link you're pulling the heels back towards the hip to activate the hamstring. This is a really good lower body exercises that creates stability in the lower body and challenges multiple muscles at the same time.

5. Hollow Body Hold

Muscle group: Rectus Abdominis, Serratus and Obliques.
Important: When lifting the arms and legs up it's very important to keep contact between the lower back and the floor. This avoids unnecessary tension in the lower back. If it's too heavy to keep your legs straight out, you can bend the legs.An variation to make this even harder, is to explosively lift yourself up from the floor and get into a V-sit hold. See Instagram post here.

6. Diamond Push Ups

Muscle group: Triceps, Pecs and Deloids.
Important: Form a triangle between the hands and place the palms straight under your chest. Push your hands down into the ground, bend your arms and keep the elbows pointing back throughout the movement. No matter if your perform it on your toes or knees, it's key to tighten the core and keep a neutral position in the hip and butt, even when it gets tough! This is a really good triceps exercise to workout at home without equipment.

7. Planche Lean Hold

Muscle group: Deloids, Pecs, Triceps and Core.
Important: Here it's really key to get the hollow position right. That's done by retracting and depressing the shoulder blades down into the back (away from the ears), pressing the hands into the ground and create pressure in the lats and chest. This leads to the round shape you see in the upper back in the video above, and also what makes you able to lift your feet off the ground. If you loose this position (hollow body hold), it's better to perform the exercise on your knees or lean less forward. This is one of Douglas favorite exercises!

8. Triceps Presses

Muscle group: Triceps and Core.
Important: Picture yourself being in a plank hold with your hands on the group, then walk a few steps back so your hands are slightly in front of your head. Thereafter press your elbows and arms up and down. Here it's also important that the elbows point back, not out to the sides. 

9. Laying Pull-Over

Muscle group: Lats, Core and Biceps.
Important: Probably one of the heaviest exercises on this list, and one of the most effective. Here you want to press the hip forward in this motion, also called PPT (Posterior Pelvic Tilt), to engage the entire core and butt. This connects the upper and lower body. Perform on your knees using a towell, paper plate or anything else you feel comfortable with.


To workout at home without equipment can get tedious and boring, but we hope these 9 bodyweight exercises give you some new inspiration to do a great workout! To get a proper workout routine you can choose a few of the exercises above and do a few rounds. For example, perform seven to twelve repetitions or 30 seconds per exercise for about three to five rounds to get a good workout in. For example:

Workout routine 
A) Diamond push ups x12
B) Hollow body hold x30s
C) Laying pull-over x7
D) Planche lean hold x30s
E) Triceps presses x12
Perform 4 rounds

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